A Guide To Marijuana Addiction

Of course, there are many drugs available today – heroin, crack cocaine, ketamine and even marijuana – which can be addictive to certain personalities, and should a person over-indulge in any drug, including weed, this can have a very negative impact on their life. Much like alcohol, a person can have the occasional drink without any problem, but once it becomes a daily habit, the risk of addiction is always there.


If you think you might be addicted to marijuana, then take an honest look at your life. Do you buy the drug, even if it’s illegal? Do you smoke every day? Are you under the influence while at work? These are the questions you need to ask and let’s not forget that driving while under the influence of marijuana is just as bad as drunk driving and if you come to the conclusion that you can’t quit smoking weed, seek out professional help.

Rehab Facilities

Many people choose to stay at a marijuana addiction treatment center Thailand offers, due to its controlled environment and professional counselling by addiction experts. This type of treatment offers the best chance of success; most people who attend remain clean, as they are taught how to improve their self-esteem. Part of the rehab training focuses on how to deal with life once the patient returns home, which is essential if you want the person to abstain, and with regular online sessions with the rehab counsellors, they can keep in touch with their mentors.


The very first step to quitting any substance is to detox and the rehab facility can take care of this, using natural herbs and compounds, they assist the body in removing all of the harmful toxins that came from the drug use, which can take a few weeks. Once the drug is no longer in your system, you are less likely to want to use and when you return home, make sure the environment is conducive to staying drug-free.

Discovering The Cause Of The Addiction

When a person turns to any drug, there must be a reason for this; they might feel inferior, or losing one’s job can cause a drop in self-esteem, even bullying can force a person to try to escape the reality they are experiencing. The special counsellors found at rehab centers in Thailand are very experienced in helping people overcome drug addiction. Indeed, some are ex-users themselves, who now devote their life to helping other addicts.

Psychological Risks

While smoking marijuana makes you feel nice, it also messes with the brain and those who smoke on a daily basis run the serious risk of psychotic episodes emerging, some even exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia and that can last a lifetime. While we now know that marijuana is not as harmful as heroin or cocaine, constant use can have a very negative effect on a person, especially if they develop an addiction.

The first thing to do is change your circle of friends, which is a sacrifice you have to make in order to remain drug-free, and when you feel like smoking weed, suck on a candy and remember the effect weed has on your life.