Trending Marriage Proposals For 2021

The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, including how we propose to our loved ones. If you want to ask your partner to marry you and not sure how best to pop the question, you may wish to take some inspiration from the creative ideas of others. Below you will find some excellent ways to ask the question and still make it a personal proposal, despite the pandemic that still grips the world.

Transform Your Home

With so many of us facing lockdowns and unable to get out anywhere, transforming homes to ask the question has seen a rise in popularity. You can use flowers and candles to change an area inside your home and ask your partner if they will marry you, making it both beautiful and memorable. You may need to move fast and take advantage of when your partner leaves your home, but with some careful planning and creativity, you can help to ensure they say yes and you knock their socks off.

Give Your Garden A Proposal Makeover

If the weather is nice, you can consider transforming your garden instead of inside your home, making for a scenic wedding proposal. You can create a sign you can hang up and use flowers, fairy lights, and candles to transform your garden into a love boutique that will sweep them off their feet. Of course, choosing one of the beautiful Argyle pink diamond engagement rings to ask the question with may also help, so ensure you have a beautiful engagement ring, and they will not be able to say no.

Rent Somewhere Private

If travel is opened up where you are, you can consider renting a luxurious villa or apartment for the occasion and adding some luxury to your proposal. If you let the property owner know your intentions, they can help you plan your wedding proposal and get their property ready for you. You can have flowers, chocolates, and champagne chilled on ice waiting for you, so all you need to do is take out the ring and ask the question when the time is right.

A Trip To A Scenic Location

If you are allowed to travel where you live, you can also take a trip somewhere beautiful, which can set the mood for the occasion when you ask for their hand in marriage. Whether you choose somewhere beautiful along the coast or an isolated place of beauty, choosing somewhere worthy of Instagram to ask the question will have them cooing and saying yes. You can take a drive for a day out and bring a picnic lunch with champagne, or go camping for a few days and choose somewhere with a fantastic vista. With a little careful planning and selecting the right environment, you can make it hard for them to say no when they get swept up from the occasion.

Just because the world is in the grip of the pandemic, it does not mean life has to stop. You still can have a romantic wedding proposal that will have your partner swooning and saying yes.