6 Ways To Find Affordable Home In Winchester

Purchasing a home is the biggest financial investment you will ever make in your life. It is undoubtedly certain that everyone would wish to own a home, but the stinging economic condition which set house prices sky-rocketing is a serious setback. You must be tired of nagging landlord who cannot give you space to think of other investments. Do you have the finances, but you are not sure where to begin from in securing an affordable house? This is a major challenge to prospective home buyers, but with the aid of fixed fee estate agents in Winchester, it is possible finding an affordable home when prices are record high.

Here are 6 options to consider when looking for affordable home in Winchester.


Take advantage of a homeowner’s inability to pay for his/her home and secure a house for yourself. Foreclosed homes for sale are a better option since the home is sold not because it is a junk, but because the owner is unable to pay the owed bank. Most foreclosed houses are always in very good conditions, hence calling for no or minimal repair. You can spend that extra money on improving the house such as having one of those aluminium electric gates UK installers are offering. If you’re interested in foreclosed properties, you can find the necessary information on foreclosure online and from fixed-fee estate agents in Winchester. However, you need to be cautious of the listed prices since they fluctuate depending on the demand of the foreclosed home.

Housing Programs

There are several charitable organizations that are rolling out cheap housing programs in most counties that are on transition like Winchester. For example, The Affordable Homes Programme that aims to grow the availability of new affordable houses in England by March 2018. Do some research on programs such as this in Winchester, there must be at least one!

As-is Home

With this, you take all liability after sale is completed since you agree to buy the house in its condition. This is a convenient way to get a low-priced house as some of the homes are always in good conditions and may call for little or no repair.

Short Sale

Banks sometimes may give home owners go-ahead to sell their homes for a value less their present mortgage. This is a good way to secure an affordable home, though the wait can be quite long before a bank accepts your offer since it must approve it before the deal is sealed.

Not for Profit Housing

There are charitable organizations that develop cheap homes for registered members. What you need to do is just to register with them and wait for your turn. You can check websites of these organizations and find out if they have properties that meet your requirements and level of income. It is advisable to register with many of these organizations as possible to increase your chances of securing a home. However, you need to be patient and persistent with this kind of program since they take quite some time.

Move to the Country

It is no doubt home prices are usually very low in the countryside. Settling in the country may be a good alternative because of the serenity brought about by small populations down there. However, you will not enjoy benefits that always come with staying in the city. You will be forced to travel to town more often to make most of your household purchases.

Though the search for an affordable home is often tiring, there a number of fixed fee estate agents in Winchester who may come in handy.