Two of Australia’s Most Gorgeous Golf Resorts

Whether you’re a golfer making your way across the world, the continent, or just New South Wales, you want the inside scoop on the best places to golf. Beautiful greens, reasonable fees, and a lovely setting for family and friends who want a getaway, but not necessarily golf. Out of the 420 located in NSW alone (yes, you read that correctly – there are no fewer than 420 courses in NSW), a few are decidedly standouts.

Are you looking for local greens to play regularly or a particularly great course for a special occasion? Either way, Australia’s best golf resorts can be found in NSW and those who love the sport need to break the mould and begin the proverbial “go-for-it.”

For your consideration, here’s a look at two courses – and depending on how much patience, money, and obedience you have in you – one may well suit you.

The New South Wales Golf Club

Located in the stunning, it’s got-to-be-photo shopped-but-isn’t, Henry Head Botany Bay National Park, The New South Wales Golf Club is breath taking. The picture-perfect postcard-like $32-million club is not for the faint of heart or the unskilled. Because of the challenges of the gorgeous, seaside course, the maximum handicap for men is 27, and 36 for women.


NSW Golf Club only provides very limited guest access, and that is only on the weekdays. Visitors cannot secure a weekend time unless specifically invited by a member (and those need to be booked well in advance). Visitors can only come to the club on Saturdays when it is an invitation day.


“Ordinary Membership:” Don’t bother applying unless you have at least two members to propose and second your application. Memberships are so in demand, once an application is presented to and subsequently logged into the Club’s office, it’s put onto a waitlist. Your proposers will receive all correspondence regarding your application. The Daily Telegraph reports that Ricky Ponting and Greg Norman are members – and that there is a 10-year-waiting list to join.


There may not be green fees, but there are competition fees for Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday competitions. There’s also a strictly enforced dress and etiquette code which can be found on the club’s website. Suffice to say, there are a lot of rules (for example, men can only wear collared shirts, trousers, and shorts must be tailored and up to 5cm below the bottom of the knee. Socks that go below the ankle are forbidden. Women’s shirts must be tucked in. You are never allowed to wear jeans, cargo pants, or shorts anywhere in the club. The rest of the rules must be seen to be believed. Membership fees: Platinum ($55,000 or $88,000 for two).
Henry Head, Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse
PO BOX 28, Matraville NSW 2036 Ph: + 61 2 9661 4455

Murray Downs

If a decade is too long to wait for an exorbitantly priced golf club membership (and really, when is 10 years not too long?), consider the lovely Murray Downs Golf Club at Swan’s Hill. This popular destination not-for-profit club offers sporting facilities, dining, and entertainment. The club is a must-see destination for visitors of Swan’s Hill. It’s located on an extremely scenic area next to the Murray River.
Murray Downs is ideal for golfers of all levels of play and the grounds have been optimised for a great golf experience. Both membership and greens fees are affordable, and if you travel, Murray Downs has reciprocal agreements with other golf clubs in Victoria, Australia, and even overseas.
Murray Downs’ even offers golf packages with accommodations. Murray Downs Bowls provides three world-class greens eight rinks, two of which are flood lit. Membership starts at a reasonable $170 (AUD) annually. Annual Golf & Bowls membership is $580, and there’s also Bronze ($5.50), Silver ($15), Gold ($25). If you live outside a 10km radius from the club, you can become a Country member ($370), those between 18- and 24-years-old are Intermediate ($180), and, Junior Sporting ($45).