A Guide To Wearing Multiple Rings

This article offers the reader useful information about wearing more than one ring at a time, which happens to be fashionable today.

Rings have been worn since the dawn of time and with the current trend of ring stacking, some women are unsure how to wear multiple rings, worrying that it might be a little over the top. In order to help you with this, here are a few tips from fashion designers about wearing multiple rings.

  • Play With Geometry – If you are looking for a bold style, why not wear a mixture of rings with geometric shapes? This can include coloured stones, mixing greens with reds or blues for a real multi-coloured look. If this bold style is a little too much for you, stick with a minimalist look that can be worn to almost any occasion.
  • Minimalistic Multiple Rings – There is actually a minimalistic way to stack rings, which involves choosing the same base metal with the rings you are going to wear, whether gold, silver or platinum. You can also look to wear rings of roughly the same width and this minimalist style looks good whatever you are wearing. With an exciting range of stylish sterling silver rings for women from the online jeweller, you can stack simple rings for a minimalist look.
  • Mix And Match – There’s nothing wrong with laying out all your rings on the dresser table and simply experimenting. You could take a few images of your hands and send them to a good friend, asking for her honest opinion. The Internet is also a good source of inspiration, with Google images, you can view many images of stacked rings and there are bound to be a few that fit with your look.
  • Purchasing Sterling Silver Rings – Of course, the more silver rings you have, the better. The place to go to for these pieces is the online jeweller that specialises in sterling silver jewellery, and with such low prices, you can order a few to give you more of a choice when it comes to ring stacking. You might like the Art Deco style or perhaps Art Nouveau, both of which are bold and colourful and can be mixed with other styles.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
  • There Are No Hard & Fast Rules With Ring Stacking – Actually, the line between acceptable and unacceptable is very fine. The best solution is to look at the overall picture when stacking rings, and if you are happy with the look, that’s all that really counts. Of course, this wasn’t the case until a few years ago, when the trend of ring stacking came onto the scene and there aren’t any hard and fast rules about wearing multiple rings.

You should start by mixing and matching the rings you already own and with the online sterling silver jeweller, you can browse the many silver rings and add to your growing collection. There are so many styles and designs, with or without precious stones. A search with Google will bring up a list of sterling silver jewellers that have extensive selections of quality rings of all shapes and sizes.