Choosing An Engagement Ring That Matches Your Personality

This article offers the reader useful information to help choose an engagement ring that matches your personality.

It isn’t every day that you get to choose your engagement ring and this most important of symbols should really reflect who you are. You might be wondering how to choose an engagement ring based on your personality. In this article, we offer an insight into ring styles that suit various personal characteristics.

The Hopeless Romantic

She loves red roses, Swiss chocolate and walks in the country. The perfect engagement ring design is, of course, the solitaire diamond. This setting gives you maximum sparkle and rose gold is the perfect metal for this romantic style of diamond engagement ring. She might prefer a deep red ruby surrounded by a cluster of pave diamonds, which is both dreamy and elegant.

The Diva

She is a powerhouse and can always stay the course. The style of ring would be one that stands out, with pink diamonds or one of the cushion halo engagement ring designs the custom jeweller can create. Another great choice would be a black diamond surrounded by tiny rubies. Art Deco is ideal for a diva.

The Tomboy

She’s rough and ready and always up for some outdoor activity. The tomboy isn’t so fussed with fashion – the ideal engagement ring is a platinum band and perhaps skip the gemstones. If you do wish to include precious stones, make sure they have a bezel setting, as this girl gets her hands dirty. She’s most definitely one of a kind and only a truly one-off engagement ring will do! Mixed metals are good for the girl who likes contrast; rose and white gold entwined would be ideal.

The Business Woman

As direct as they come, she knows how to get what she wants and is a great planner. A thick band is essential for this powerful character with perhaps 3 small diamonds, or none at all. Nothing too fancy for her; talk to a leading custom jeweller about creating a non-nonsense engagement ring that exudes sophistication.

The Bubbly Fun Girl

Image Source: Pexels

She has a weird but wonderful sense of humour, and makes jokes about anything and everything. A Marquise cut diamond would reflect her style with a yellow gold band, or perhaps a halo setting of sapphires with a ruby central stone. The custom jeweller uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging to design the ring and with some tweaking, the final design is approved and the work can begin.

The Athletic Girl

She’s great at just about every sport and picks up new ones with surprising ease. The ideal engagement ring is a thick platinum band, with perhaps an engraving on the inner surface. She probably won’t wear the ring when playing sports, but if she won’t take it off, a single band is durable and you won’t have the worry of precious stones. The wedding ring should match this design and she’ll thank you for having the foresight to create matching bands.

Whatever her personality, there is a perfect engagement ring design and by talking to a leading custom jeweller, you can design a symbol or your union that matches her traits.