How To Become An ESL English Teacher Abroad

When you are a native English speaker and want to travel abroad, you can always get work teaching English as a second language while travelling. It is an excellent way to explore the world and work as you go to prolong your travels for as long as possible. It can be relatively simple to get a job overseas as an ESL English teacher, especially when travelling in Asia. Below is some advice for you to follow to help you get qualified as a teacher with a TEFL certificate recognised internationally to teach ESL English almost anywhere.

Do You Have A University Degree?

Although it is not compulsory, it will be much easier to get a job teaching English when you hold a degree. Many places worldwide will ask for this, but it is not always necessary, and if you have a degree, it does not need to be in English. You can have a degree in almost any subject, if you also have a TEFL, you will find it an easy task to get a job teaching in countries globally.

Finding The Best Place To Get Your TEFL Certificate

There are many places where you can get a TEFL certificate, and an excellent destination to do this is Thailand. If you’re wondering where to take a TEFL course in Thailand, fret not; the country is known to offer a lot of these places. Still, you will need to look at the various companies where you can study for your TEFL and look at the different options they have available. There are usually a couple of options you can choose from when studying for your TEFL, which are as follows:

  • An Intensive Four Week Course: Many places that offer TEFL training will have an intensive course available which usually takes four weeks. You will learn from Monday to Friday in the classroom and gain practical experience teaching a class to prepare you when you qualify.
  • A Teaching Placement Course: You can also choose to undergo on the job training while you study for your TEFL, and this will be a paid position but can take significantly longer than the method above. You will have a variety of learning yourself in the classroom and putting what you learn to practical use by teaching classes and gaining practical teaching experience.

Getting Yourself A Job

Once you have gained your TEFL certificate, many of the schools can also help you find a job to allow you to continue to live where you are. However, you do not need to stay put f you would rather travel to somewhere new. There are many places where you can find teaching jobs throughout the world. You can visit websites and explore available positions in your preferred country. Before you know it, you will have a job teaching English at a school you enjoy, and to an age group you prefer, and start your new life as an ESL teacher while you travel the world.