Engagement Ring Design: Mixing Gemstones

There is a growing trend among young couples to move away from the traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring and mixing gemstones is a great way to play with colour and brilliance. There are many precious and semi-precious gemstones and this is a golden opportunity to blend your favourite shades; this is something to bring up when talking to a custom jeweller.

Here are a few tips when looking to combine gemstones in an engagement ring.

Deep Contrast

There are many colour combinations; red-blue, green-yellow, black-gold, blue-green; the list is long; if you have a favourite, this can be the basis, with a central stone and surrounding small stones in a halo setting. If a striking contrast is the goal, the central stone should have a high colour grade. Ruby-sapphire is an excellent choice, with which you can buy beryl gemstones for sale from a leading gemstone dealer who has access to the best quality pigeon-red rubies from Myanmar, while the small sapphire stones can be arranged as you wish.

Think Different Cuts

Each colour should have its own cut; it might seem natural to use the same cut but that might not bring out the best in the stones. The very long list of diamond cuts that can be used for all gemstones does give you many options, which you can discuss with the custom jeweller. If the gemstones are not of the highest quality, always choose an excellent grade cut, which maximises the sparkle factor.

Acquiring The Gemstones

Rather than making an attempt to directly purchase uncut gemstones, approach a bespoke jeweller who can buy the best quality gemstones at wholesale prices, which means you can go bigger with the central gemstone. The custom jeweller has the gemstones appraised by GIA (Gem Institute of America) after they have been cut and polished, which means that you have made a wise long-term investment. It would be difficult for a private individual to gain access to exclusive circles where premium Argyle diamonds are offered to the trade, the bespoke jeweller moves in those circles, ensuring you pay the lowest price for the best gemstones.

Set A Budget

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with hand-made jewellery and one of the first things the jeweller wishes to know is your budget for the project. Far better to sit down with your partner and come up with a ballpark figure that you can give the jeweller; this enables the artist to make some design suggestions and take it from there. Commissioning a well-known custom jeweller is not as expensive as people think; once the expert knows your budget, they can work to that. If you would like a free and informal Zoom call with a leading custom jeweller, most would be happy to do so and what better way to have the perfect symbol of your union.

Whatever your gemstone and colour preference, the custom jeweller is able to hand-craft the ring to your specifications and there’s no one better to ask for advice if you are unsure about any aspect of the ring design.