Relining Your Sewer Pipes & When You Should Do It

The pipes in your home often go unthought-of until something breaks and need repairing, and if you need to replace them, it may be expensive. One option that may be available to you is having your pipes relined, which is also less intrusive with no digging required. If you live in a house that is 30 years old plus, then you will want to take care of your plumbing and help to prevent any costly repair bills in the future. Below is an explanation of pipe relining and when you may need to consider it for your home.

Warning Signs Your Pipes Have A Problem

There are warning signs that you can look out for which tell you that you may have a problem with your pipes, but with an older house you may want to get regular checks to prevent a problem before it occurs. If you have noticed water pooling in your garden or there is a foul smell coming from the garden, you may have a broken pipe which needs repairing. Other warning signs include water backing up, sludge in your bathtub, low quality water, or gurgling noises coming from the toilet. You may want to seek professional help.

Assessing The Problem

When it comes to drain relining Southampton residents can rely on, for example, there’s a professional service from companies who will carry out a full inspection before telling you what work is required. Most companies will use a CCTV system to explore the pipes and assess the condition inside before they let you know the best course of action. It is advisable to speak to a few different reputable companies and get a quote from them before agreeing to the work. Once you have a quote you are happy with, they can get on with the job.

Image Source: Pixabay

Preparing The Pipes For Relining

With the information gained from the CCTV inspection, the technicians will be able to start preparing the pipe before they repair it. They will use a combination of high-pressure water, and electro-mechanical machining to clear any debris and de-scale the inside of the pipe. When the pipe is clean, they then insert the patch and use a balloon which inflates to push the repair against the hole. It will take a few hours for the repair to harden using quick acting resin, and after it has set they will then use water to clear any debris remaining in the pipe.

No Need For Digging

Once the pipes have been cleaned, the repair is complete, and unlike replacing the existing pipe, there is no need to dig up your garden. The trenchless technology is reliable and fast, as well as being less intrusive. It is also easier for the technician, so it is the preferred option. If your pipes are in good condition overall but you have one that you need to repair, pipe relining is the option you should consider as it is fast and effective, as well as also being an affordable solution. Contact your local expert today and see how quickly they can reline your damaged pipes.