Tip to Prepare for the Quinceanera Dance

If you are of Latin American descent, you will know all about the Quinceanera – a social event to commemorate a girl reaching the age of 15. Its origins are from Mexico, where the ‘Quinceanera’ is the girl herself, who is celebrating what is regarded as the start of womanhood. In other parts of the US, the Quinceanera is the name given to the event, rather than the honoree.

Either way, it is a very important milestone in every girl’s life and with that in mind, here are a few tips to prepare for your Quinceanera.

Order Your Gown Well In Advance

Of course, you want to look your absolute best on this special occasion, especially when all of your friends join in the celebration. With 2022 designer Quinceanera dresses from the leading designer dress boutique, you can choose the perfect gown. You should have the dress in your possession at least one week prior to the event, which allows for a local seamstress to make a few final adjustments, which will likely be needed for a perfect fit.

Event Planning

If you are tasked with planning the event yourself, you need to be well-organized and make sure that everything is in place. Invitations need to be created (great IT project) and sent, allowing enough time for people to fit you into their social calendar. Music should be suitable for your kind of dancing. Of course, you know your guests’ taste of music, so make sure you create a few MP3 playlists and play them at random, or even hire a local DJ and introduce a few fun party games.

Stick To Your Budget

It is very easy to overspend and while the Quinceanera is important, it shouldn’t place you in financial trouble. If mom and dad are helping out, don’t overstep the line, so to speak and you could ask your friends to bring soda and side dishes, which we all love to do.

Hire A Videographer

This is a one-time affair. Let’s be honest, we have the technology to capture the entire event on hi-res digital video, so you should hire a videographer for the evening. The professional videographer would take all the raw footage and using powerful editing software, would create a stunning 15–20-minute video with all the highlights of the party. If you have an IT friend at school, this will make for a great project. With printed DVDs, you can send all your guests a copy to keep as a souvenir.

Remember To Have Fun

While the organizing might be stressful, the whole point of the event is to have a good time. With all your school friends present, you can create lasting memories and record them for posterity. Unless your parents are sticklers for tradition, you can make your own rules and arrange party games to enhance the experience.

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