Random Facts About Ruby Gemstones

While most ruby gemstones are naturally red in colour, not all are red in appearance. The terms “natural”, “organic” and “red” can be confusing to the novice of the gemstone world.

A ruby is classified as a gemstone when it appears in its natural state. Simply put, gemstones are formed in the earth by mineral diffusion. There are many characteristics of natural rubies that make them unique.

Natural Red Rubies Still Vary Widely In Colour

Some are deep red with warm orange or red tones, others are deep crimson or burgundy with very little or no red tones at all. Some reds appear pinkish-red or bluish-red. The colour of a ruby that is red does not necessarily indicate the presence of any other gemstone or metal in the stone. It simply means that the stone was created in nature.

Higher Carat Rating

In comparison to man-made products, a natural red ruby gemstone can be expected to have a much higher carat rating. This means the amount of heat-resistant material that the gemstone is made of exceeds that of any commercially produced gemstone. A better quality natural red ruby will have a high carat content, while cheaper grades may have lower amounts. The higher carat content is what allows natural reds to be scratched and even cut without causing damage to the underlying metal.

The Price Of Red Rubies

The price of red rubies will range depending on the transparency of the colour and the amount of red tints within the stone. They are typically more expensive than all other colours of rubies, and they are considered to be luxury gemstones. Some people believe that you get what you pay for and that diamonds have become much less costly in recent years because of the increased popularity of diamonds. The truth is that a natural red ruby gemstone can give you that sparkle that you have been yearning for. If price is an issue for you, the best option is to have a piece of ruby jewellery customised for you so you will get the exact features you want for the price you pay for.

Ruby Rings

Image Source: Pexels

Ruby rings are an excellent choice for the wearer who wants a ring that has intense colour intensity. Because of their intense red hue, these rings naturally catch the eye of everyone who looks at them. For a more subdued appearance, many people choose to add white diamonds to their rings, which also has red in them. Depending on the colour and concentration of the red in the diamond, the resulting gemstone can range from pinkish red, to orange-red or even purple. This makes the choice of which one to get extremely personal and custom fit.