Pest Control: Do’s And Don’ts For This Summer

We all know how hot summer can be and with global warming predicting heatwaves this summer, which is the ideal condition for all the household pests. This is the season they go about their lives and you are more likely to be infested by rodents from November to February. With that in mind, here are a few dos and don’ts regarding pest control.

Don’t Tackle Pest Infestation Yourself

The best way to deal with household pests is to call in the professionals who have the know-how and the equipment to make short work of the problem. Most homeowners are happy to pick up the phone, especially when it involves spiders or wasps, and the experts take precautions to prevent future issues.

Do Have Annual Inspections

The best pest control companies Sunshine Coast or even your area provides can pop round once a year and apply deterrent solutions, while checking for the presence of any pests. Taking a pro-active approach is far better than waiting until the pests arrive and you will have peace of mind, knowing your family is safe.

Don’t Use Chemicals Without Checking

This is especially important for the interior of a home and Google is your best friend and can help you find out about a particular cleaning chemical.

Do Keep The Kitchen Clean

Of course, it makes perfect sense to remove as much potential pest food as you can, and this involves cleaning under major appliances like the fridge, oven and dishwasher, where bits of food gather. Once you set up a cleaning regime and stick with it, before long, it will become second nature. If there’s nothing to eat, the pests will look elsewhere.

Do Dispose Of Food Waste Properly

It is never a good idea to throw food onto the vegetable patch, rather have a compost barrel with a lid. If there is food in your garden, this will surely attract the rodents and probably others too. Always dispose of food waste with this in mind, as scattering bread for the birds might be an unwanted invitation to another species.

Don’t Ignore Signs Of Pest Presence

If you see mice droppings in the kitchen or hear the scuffling of tiny feet behind the skirting boards, this is the time to call up your local pest control provider. They would be happy to pay you a visit and identify and remove whatever it is that has taken up residency in your home.

Do Have Your Drains Cleaned

This is a proactive step to deter rodents and cockroaches. The power flush cleans the inner pipe surfaces, improving efficiency at the same time. Once a year is ideal and that should guarantee that you won’t become the victim of a blocked drain.

Why not have your local pest control company inspect the property before the hot weather arrives? Now is the right time to check that there are no signs of unwanted visitors and a Google search will help you find the best company.