Tips For Smooth Logistics & Package Delivery

If you sell products online, you won’t need to be reminded that order fulfilment is everything and more! So, what do you do? A small operator could fill their garage with products and self-package, which is time consuming. You also need to find a courier service that will collect from your location.

Here are a few tips regarding package handling and delivery to help you cut costs and provide rapid delivery.


You can save quite a bit of money if you self-pack and label address your products, ready for the courier or taxi truck Adelaide relies on should it be large consignments. The courier instantly assigns a digital ID for every package, and this allows you to check on the status at any time. It is normal for a small shopping cart business to self-handle order fulfilment which can be done from a spare room. However, once your SEO work produces organic traffic to your store, you are better off outsourcing your picking, packing and delivery.

International Deliveries

Many e-commerce businesses sell to other parts of the world and if you are based in Adelaide, for example, you can always find a trusted Australia international freight forwarder that can make life easier. You need a comprehensive logistics solution and a local 3PL company offers order fulfilment, regardless of volume. They utilise a GPS package location system, so your customers can easily check the status of their package. They simply paste their package into a search window, and they can find out where the package is at any time of the day or night. There’s no reason why you can’t have customers all over the world, especially when you join forces with a leading 3PL provider.

Get Your Logistics Partner To Pick And Pack

If you send your product line and packaging to the 3PL warehouse, you never have to see the product. Simply forward all orders and they will be fulfilled. Many e-commerce businesses do this. It is the perfect order fulfilment solution and as your logistics partner is flexible, you only pay for the services you use. As your business develops and grows, you have a flexible logistics part who can scale up or down, which is great for seasonal surges. Most 3PL companies have a flexible working arrangement, and you can halt the service at any time.

Outsource Everything

There is a turnkey option, which involves using a 3rd party logistics provider, but it will be the most cost-effective way to get the product to the customer’s door. If you run a business that relies on logistics, talk to a 3rd party logistics company, as they have all the solutions. Of course, an established 3PL warehouse would be state of the art, with semi-automated solutions and hi-tech warehousing. Perhaps the fastest growing industry of all, third party logistics is a lifeline for many small businesses. If you need a reliable package delivery solution, talk to a local specialist and take the first step to great order fulfilment, which will drive your business forward.