What Happens During A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is generally a celebration of welcome or welcoming a new child into the family, either because the baby is already present or because the baby is expected soon. It usually celebrates the birth or expected impending birth of a baby or the gradual transformation of an adult woman into a mum.

An expectant mother usually hosts this event so that friends and relatives of her can be aware of the upcoming birth. In some cases, a friend or relative might be the one who would throw the party. Traditionally, a baby shower would have either blue or pink themes, depending on the baby’s gender. In today’s non-traditional family-based society, people are welcoming the “non-traditional” gender roles, with some going for neutral colours.

Impromptu Speeches

What usually happens during a baby shower is the guest of honour does most of the talking and giving the toasts, among others. Admittedly, some people are not sure what they want to talk about, or what to even say. Speeches are impromptu and are expected to be sentimental and sweet, and sometimes even funny. Most of the guests would just sit back, relax, and enjoy the celebration as spectators.

The Gifts

One of the things to expect at a baby shower is that there will be gifts given by guests, and the expectant parents themselves would even give those guests little mementos of that event. The only type of gifts that a mother can receive at a baby shower are items that are related to her and baby, and some of them are opened in front of guests. You could expect a guest or two or even more to bring the best baby nappy cakes in Australia or in another country where the gifter is known to have lived for a long time.

Gifts to be expected at a baby shower are baby outfits, such as diapers, baby bottles, blankets, clothes and shoes, baby care products such as burp cloths, washcloths and towels, nursery furniture, baby dishes and cups, baby travel gear, baby furniture and baby appliances. There may also be gift items for the baby’s room such as changing table pads, baby crib sheets, fitted sheet sets and other bedding items. There should also be some nice decorative pieces that would really make a difference in the baby’s room.

When it comes to giving gifts, it should go without saying that whatever the occasion is, the appropriate etiquette dictates that the person giving the present should use the baby’s name, or at least have some kind of personal meaning associated with it.

The Venue

One of the things to expect at a baby shower is that almost everything that the hostess has in her house will probably be used, and there would be much clutter expected as a result of the party. This is why venues other than the home is preferred these days. If the party is at a hotel, you may want to have the mother-to-be and her friends share a room. Of course, the hotel has to allow this, which is another reason you might want to find a place that doesn’t have strict rules.

Games & Other Activities

As for non-traditional baby showers, hosts can get creative. They can include guessing games and other types of games and activities that would involve as much of those in the guest list as possible.

What happens during a baby shower is usually relaxed and fun, and this is much emphasised in today’s society. Sometimes, there aren’t even any big parties but just an intimate gathering with the people who have the closest relationship with the mum.

All in all, what happens during a baby shower can be very simple or extremely complex depending on what plans were made. Be prepared ahead of time for what to do when the time comes. By being prepared, everyone will be happy and will enjoy themselves immensely!