Essential Logistics Services For A Wide Range Of Businesses

The term ‘logistics’ is a very broad description that refers to the movement of items from one place to another and many businesses rely heaving on third-party logistics companies who offer a diverse range of services. Of course, the third-party logistics (3PL) company supports the booming e-commerce sector, providing picking, packing and delivery services, while many other business sectors need logistics support.

Same Day Courier Service

Whether you are looking for a same day courier service, Brisbane or your location has to offer, Google is your best friend and will help you locate a local specialist. Real estate agents, for example, often need fast document delivery by motorcycle courier, as do law firms and other businesses, especially when original documents are required. Operating a same day logistics service requires a lot of resources.

Supporting The E-Commerce Industry

The booming shopping cart website industry relies totally on 3PL companies, who have the resources to pick, pack and deliver online orders. How it usually works is, the e-commerce business sends the 3PL company their products and packaging and they simply forward all orders to their 3PL partner, who fulfils the orders in a timely manner.

A large 3PL company would be part of a global logistics network and can deliver to any destination and for an e-commerce business, rapid delivery is a must. The provider is very flexible and whether you have a few or many orders, you only pay for the services that you use, while there are no lengthy contracts to tie you to a single provider. Some e-commerce businesses only make use of this service during the busy season, and you can start or stop the service by sending an email or making a call. Sourcing a logistics company Brisbane or any other city in the world has is easy, if you start with a Google search.

VIP Transportation

If you have to receive a VIP guest at the airport, the chances are, there is a local taxi-courier service with a fleet of prestige vehicles that are suitable for high-end use. It might not happen very often, but it is comforting to know that when you need prestige transport, there are local providers.

Technical Logistics

As we move from a mechanical, analogue society into a digital age, new generations of technical equipment need to be installed, which is a job for the white glove logistics company. The business sectors that rely on technical logistics include the following:

  • Banking & Finance – ATMs and other banking equipment are transported, installed and maintained by white glove logistics firms.
  • Medical Sector – Large and complex items such as MRI and CAT scanners need specialist handling. The technicians also calibrate and test the equipment ready for use.
  • Retail – Digital signage and touch-screen boards demand specialist installation.
  • Access Control Systems – Found at sports arenas and train stations, this type of equipment needs to be installed and maintained by white glove technicians.

Most business owners forge an alliance with a local logistics provider, who they can call on whenever they have the need for these services.