Freestanding Traditional Bathroom Furniture – Getting The Ultimate In Function & Styling

A bathroom can be as classic or modern in design as you wish, but the first thing you need to consider when purchasing a new bathroom is the type of vanity or bathroom furniture that will be included with it.

When designing your new bathroom, it is important that you have the best-looking vanity or bathroom furniture as well. Although most freestanding traditional bathrooms do not include any type of vanity furniture, they are still very popular throughout the world and can provide a focal point for a bathroom or a room in the house. There are many reasons that a freestanding bathroom has become very popular, including its versatility, durability, and design.

What’s With Freestanding Traditional Bathroom Suites?

Freestanding traditional bathroom suites are very popular because they are a perfect combination of form and function. They offer a sleek look that is easy to clean and maintain. Tubs and sinks that are freestanding are a classic look that works perfectly and adds a touch of class to a bathroom. Freestanding toilets help keep the floor dry while you take a shower; this is especially helpful if you have children. Freestanding traditional bathtubs can also be very functional as well and are perfect for use in combination with a sink and tub or separate both tubs and toilets.

Shelves In A Freestanding Bathroom Unit

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One of the most attractive features on a freestanding bathroom unit that you can find in a Staines bathroom showroom or in popular showrooms near you features an internal wooden shelf that is made of stain-resistant wood. The shelf is accessible from the top or the bottom which makes it easy for a person to access the items that are placed on the shelf. The shelves can be locked to keep small hands from being able to grab items that are on the shelf. Some models are equipped with double doors, which make them much easier to access the items that are placed on the unit. A freestanding unit has a double-door access option that offers a more secure locking mechanism than single doors.

Contemporary Countertops Of Freestanding Bathroom Units

Another attractive feature of this type of bathroom unit is the addition of a contemporary fitted or semi-countertop unit. The semi-countertop provides the same classic styling and hand-finished look of this bathroom unit. A modern twist on a classic design, the semi-countertop allows you to keep your home decor up-to-date. You can add a contemporary vanity with lights, faucets, and other modern features, as well as a contemporary towel bar to complete the look of your freestanding bathroom.

Fully-Equipped Vanity For Convenience & Practicality

With a fully-equipped vanity, you get a contemporary feel that combines the timeless appeal of a bathroom with convenience and practicality. A freestanding bathroom unit can feature a fully-equipped mirror with three top-mounted flush mirrors and numerous storage options including an organised top-area. A contemporary styled cabinet and soap dish with fully-contoured side-knob drawers complete the look of a freestanding modern bathroom furniture fixture. You will appreciate the streamlined styling and hand-finished look of your bathroom unit.

These bathroom furniture fixtures come in a variety of finishes and designs that include antique white, black, deep teal, deep royal blue, and neutral gray colors. Choose from glass, porcelain, or wood to suit your needs and personal taste. A modern freestanding bathroom unit lends a contemporary edge to any home. Pick from any modern style of finish that provides a sharp contemporary edge when combined with chrome hardware, which is usually found on freestanding modern bathroom furniture. A modern fixture gives you the perfect blend of classic design with contemporary touches.