How Quickly Bed Bugs Can Spread

Discover the fastest ways bed bugs grow so you can prevent it from happening and keep your bed clean and bug free.

With so many creepy crawlies lying around our home unseen, the last place we want them is in our beds. Our beds are a haven of peace and rest where we spend so many hours every day. However, bed bug infestations are horrible and can be people’s worst nightmare.

When there’s an infestation, things can spread from bad to worse quickly unless you take quick action to get pest control services to come to your home. If you are looking for pest control quotes Sunshine Coast, we highly recommend Pest Control Queensland Sunshine Coast for a brilliant service. If you want to see their testimonials, you can see they do a consistently great job at exterminating unwanted bed bugs so you can sleep in peace.

If you think your home has been infested by these nasty little mites, it’s a good idea to learn about how they spread so you can nip things in the bud as soon as possible.

The Growth Stage

For bed bugs, it normally takes a minimum of 7 weeks for the bug to grow from the egg to an adult. This means there shouldn’t be any new adults in those 7 weeks but if there are several in the bed then it’s safe to say that they have been laying eggs for at least seven weeks.

How Quickly They Can Spread

If you are wondering whether your room or bed for that matter is a breeding ground for bed bugs, then this next part of the article will give you some great insight. Bed bugs, despite what you may have thought, don’t really care for clean spaces or disgustingly messy and dirty rooms. All they really need is a source of food, yourself, and they can survive practically anywhere they wish. However, there are certain environments where it is easier for them to spread. For instance, a lot of mess does make it easy for them to hide however, their best place for breeding to happen quickly is somewhere warm and toasty.

These other elements speed up the spreading process:

  • Bed bugs are common in hostels, hotels, on planes, trains and more. So, if you spend a lot of time travelling it’s easy to spread the bugs from house to house as they attach onto clothes and luggage.
  • They move quickly being so small and having six legs so as you can imagine they travel quickly around rooms and floors before ever being able to get spotted.
  • Bed bugs mate and multiply at an extremely fast rate when they have the right conditions so as soon as you spot them, termination is key.