Relocation Tips When Moving Locally

If you think you’re in for an easy ride with a local relocation, think again. If you start planning last minute and forget the essential components to a successful move, then even nearby relocations can go massively wrong.

On the plus side, local moves are much easier to handle when planned properly and adequate help is recruited. If you are searching for packing services in Brisbane, we highly recommend Vic Palmer Removals & Storage as one of the high quality, experienced team of professionals to help out with just about any move.

Whether you are travelling short or long distance, they will ensure the logistics are covered and your needs are met no matter what belongings you need to move.

Tips For A Local Relocation

When it comes to shorter distance moves, you would think you have more time. However, this element often leaves people rushed off their feet and seriously overwhelmed with the number of things they need to do last minute.

If you follow the below steps and treat it as you would with a further interstate move, you will always be prepared and get things done smoothly.

  • Start quickly

You need to start to plan and prepare as soon as you know you’re officially moving. Don’t hesitate to start organizing bits, having clear outs if needed and calling a removalist. Before you know it, the move date will be looming and if you don’t plan carefully, things can get missed and removal companies get booked up.

  • Plan week by week

Weekly checklists will help you keep on top of the moving process and keep everything ticking along nicely before the move date. The sooner you get things booked in, the more money and time you can potentially save too!

  • Prep any supplies you need

Whether you need to bring in lots of new boxes and top up on bubble wrap, you’ll want to start buying supplies so that you can start packing items away efficiently. Ensure you get more than enough, especially for the fragile items that require a little more TLC. Boxes that are in good condition are required so check with friends, neighbours and even your local shops to see if they have any spare.

  • Get the inventory sorted

Having an inventory will help keep things organised and stop your home from feeling out of control. During a move, many things can get misplaced so it’s up to you to keep everything labelled and ticked off on the list.

  • Check up on utilities

Remember to not leave the transferring of utilities until the last minute as this will delay essentials such as heating, gas, internet, electricity and TV. Have this on the moving checklist so you don’t miss a trick when you move even down the road.